It's been a month since I started training with Vipin (MNHFIT coach) and I am amazed by the changes in my lifestyle. I had absolutely no prior experience of training but after training with Vipin, its hard to go back to my previous lifestyle. I feel improved energy levels, my productivity in personal as well as professional life has increased. My patience has improved a lot and I can totally say that it's 100% because of the training. My strength & stamina has increased, before I started the training I used to do 3000 steps in an hour and could barely do a single push up and now I can easily do 6000 steps, and 10 push ups easily. I had issues with my menstruation cycle and I am so glad that it has reduced by almost 40%. I sleep deeply now and am able to sleep early to wake up early. Most importantly, I have reduced 5 kgs in a month.

The good thing about mnhfit is the quality of coaching provided by Vipin. He does all the research for you and recommends you the best products and supplements.

If you are busy with your schedule, you just need to take out some time for yourself and Vipin will guide you very well to accommodate the plan nicely.

I am happy that I took the decision of getting trained by mnhfit.