I would highly recommend Vipin & MNHFIT for transformation of an individual to a healthy and fit body, mind & soul

About the program
It has an holistic approach towards wellness. It focusses on nutrition, lifestyle and workouts. The goals are also more robust and not only focusing on aesthetics.

Basically importance of nutrition and its impact on inner fitness along with drastic reduction of possibilities of developing lifestyle diseases like chlorestrol/bp/diabeties is stressed. My initial reasons were primarily aesthetics related to weight reduction, but good knowledge right at start also helped me align towards more important & long -term goals like wellness for which my obesity reduction was critical. Basics about nutrition are not known and its importance along with reasoning helps one understand and tendency to follow it increases. Timely guidance and knowledge about the why of eating/not eating something is provided.

The workout sessions which Vipin personally conducts and monitors are focusing on all body parts, and also helping one increase their strength, flexibility, endurance and reduce weight/fat. My ability to work on different body parts has increased tremendously, which was not present earlier. My knowledge was limited and cervical spine slip-disc had limited my workout activities. Earlier I believed I could'nt do some exercises due to slip disc which led me pain on certain body parts, but it was primarily because of lesser strength in my muscles. I am able to now perform some exercises with much greater ease. Hence the workouts are effective in helping one achieve their goals

Certain aspects of improving one's lifestyle is stressed upon. Better sleep habits, active daily lifestyle, is consciously suggested. It leads to better energy levels and well being.

About Coach Vipin
Most critical aspect about a coach is his philosophy. He stresses on complete wellness and not only aesthetics. Hence his methods are more long-term, robust in nature, which help one achieve their goals of obesity reduction/fitness etc. but without any long-term side effects. He has tons of knowledge along with certifications related to nutrition. Hence the why of eating/not-eating something is known to an individual. Also his method of nutrition guidance is practical and user focused, without just providing some random diet plan.
His professionalism and passion towards getting an individual fit is felt, while one engages with him in the program. He is readily accessible and punctual in his commitments.
Hence in a nutshell, he is knowledgeable about his field, passionate to provide valuable services and professional to interact and understand the client requirements.

Positive Impact on me
My weight has reduced by 5kg in last 2 months. My muscle strength and flexibility has increased along with better stamina. My focus on work has improved along with better energy levels. My confidence related to a more fitter look has improved. Knowledge about nutrition and lifestyle has increase which probably will go a long way in preventing chronic illnesses.
Hence I intend to continue the program.