Don't drink your calories

Here is a fact : Diabetes is the problem of carbohydrates intolerance.

This essentially means that your body has lost ability to metabolize sugar/carbohydrates efficiently which leads to it's storage in fat tissue, liver, pancreas, arteries - places where you don't want it to be. Also there is high amounts of sugar in blood which leads to other problems as well.

Therefore carbohydrate reduction proves to be helpful in diabetics. In fact, ketogenic diets can have tremendous benefits to those dealing with glucose intolerance issues (diabetics, pre-diabetics, obese) because it reduces carb "load" on your system.

There is another mechanism at play with ketogenic diets - less caloric intake. Yes, people who follow ketogenic diet report less intake of food and enhanced capacity to fast longer. So, reduced carbohydrate intake in addition to less calories going in, metabolism begins to normalize.

The subject of today's email is, however, not ketogenic diets but juice or liquid calories. If you are anything like that person above, juice is the last thing your body wants. Typically, a 400ml glass of juice may contain ten oranges or five apples - that's a LOT of sugar. Interestingly, it's very hard to eat ten oranges, or five apples in one sitting. So what's happening here?

You are short-circuiting your regulatory pathways which involve your satiety hormones (leptin) and other signals. It's like when your trainer asks you to swim for 20 mins everyday, and you're complying - only in a swimming video game (in Metaverse :P).

Your trainer is sure to wonder as to why don't you see results and it's because you are short circuiting the mechanism of swimming, the resistance that water provides, whole-body effort it requires to stay afloat, breathing patterns of swimming, microbiome changes of your skin in contact with water and many more.


  • Juicing increases the glycemic index and glycemic load of food. In short, lots of sugar.

  • It also packs far more calories in equivalent volume compared to solid food. You are going to be so bloated eating that many apples. Volume sensation is another attribute which helps regulate food intake.

Let us not even talk about the very harmful canned drinks which are filling the aisles of supermarket these days. Items like red-bull, other drinks with added sugar - these are even more harmful than plain home-made juice. The essence of today's lesson is, don't juice too many of your calories if you're trying to loose weight, or are diabetic.

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