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Updated: Jul 12

One of my followers earlier sent me this video. Watch full and then continue reading my comments on it.

I get sent such random videos often by people on social media and often dismiss it because I don't owe anyone an explanation. But this time, I thought of commenting on it for my audience to empower them to not fall for such pseudo-scientific, irresponsible quackery doing rounds on social media especially from seemingly authentic sources.

This doc (and many others) ignorantly and irresponsibly vilifies cholesterol which is an extremely important molecule in human physiology responsible for:

  • Cell-Membrane Integrity - Cholesterol is a structural component of cell membranes and serves as a building block for synthesizing various steroid hormones, vitamin D, and bile acids. Besides their structural role providing stability and fluidity, cholesterol also plays a crucial role in regulating cell function.

  • Vitamin-D synthesis

  • Steroid hormones synthesis

  • Synthesis of bile acids

Not only that, LDL, the so called "bad cholesterol" plays a crucial role in immune system by binding up with inflammatory endotoxins.

Eating only less-than-two-legged-animal meat' is a hilarious joke and an unscientific hogwash. This doc takes an issue with eating red-meat which is the nature's superfood while giving a free pass to samosa and bhajji. Ideally you should never eat samosa or bhajji (unless you know to prepare a paleo or keto samosa at home), every ingredient in them is a potential toxin, deep fried in oxidised oil, and prepared in disgustingly unhygienic conditions. The extent of nonsense coming out from his mouth is nauseating.

Doesn't Red Meat cause heart disease?

No. It's not the red meat in your biryani but a lot of grains and the fact that it's prepared in bad oils (your regular seed oils - canola, soybean, sunflower, safflower, peanut, rice-bran). This combined with processed food, refined sugar and poor lifestyle will cause insulin resistance and that, my friend, is responsible for heart disease.

In order to be truly healthy, include red meat (plus organs), preferably everyday as our ancestors have done and made us into smart humans that we are. Eliminate excess grains, bad oils and use animal fats instead - tallow, ghee, butter as well as coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil. You can download my nutrition guide here.

Beware of so called "experts" Doctors ain't necessarily nutrition experts. Curriculum in medical schools doesn't teach nutrition to doctors unless they go extra-curricular to dig into latest research on nutrition which is almost impossible given the enormous study load they already cope-up with while in college. At the same time, number of doctors are paving the way for what is called functional integrative medicine which combines an evidence-based medicine, nutrition and lifestyle approach to deal with chronic illness. Apart from a good physician, find a health coach, nutrition expert whose background you know and who you can trust and has studied a lot of literature on nutrition. Anyone painting a black-and-white picture without discussing the nuances of the impact of any food shouldn't pass the sniff test and should be a red flag for you. Now watch the video again and try to apply what I just wrote.

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