Frequently asked questions

  1. What can I expect from nutrition and lifestyle training plan?

You can expect to receive full guidance on nutrition and lifestyle optimization. This includes nutrition, sleep, physical activity, supplements, suggested lab work and results' review, private counselling calls, email support and more. Vipin will educate you on proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle through a counselling call and help you curate a healthy diet plan suitable for your unique biology and food preference. After initial consultation, you can book a private call with Vipin once every fifteen days to troubleshoot challenges, monitor progress and make required modifications. You will have access to private conversations and QnAs through email which Vipin will personally respond to.

  2. What can I expect from Complete Training Plan?

This includes everything from 'Nutrition and Lifestyle plan' plus private training sessions every week. These are one-to-one sessions conducted by Vipin where he will conduct exercise sessions for you via zoom or whatsapp video calls. These will be strength and conditioning sessions to improve movement efficiency and building strength, endurance and flexibility. You can choose the number of sessions you want to have per week.

  3. I am used to training in Gym, I am not sure if this kind of online program will work for me.

If you're unsure about online training, book your free trial session to experience if first hand. Further, you can enroll for as short a duration as a month to check the suitability of the particular plan for you. You get 10 days of free-look period within which you can cancel the plan should you feel and you will get a refund after deducting the consultation and private session fee whichever is applicable.

  4. Can I book a trial session?

If you're interested in Complete Training Plan, you can book a free trial session. Send an email to to book it or book directly from the website.

  5. How many training sessions are optimal for me to achieve my goals?

We offer either one, two or three private training sessions as part of Complete Training Plan. Depending on your goal and prior exercise experience, you may choose different options. For example If you're looking to improve your athletic performance and build more muscles, you may benefit more from three sessions a week, and if you are a busy professional looking to improve general health and build strength, you can surely start with one or two sessions, lastly if you're an active yoga or pilates person looking to compliment it with some resistance training, you can take one or two sessions.

  6. Would I need equipment/weights to train at home?

It's upto you. You don't necessarily have to have training equipment to train at home but adding some tools will make your sessions more productive after a point (and fun). Should you want to invest, Vipin will guide you in setting up a home-gym set up as per your budget.

  7. Would this plan help me loose weight or gain muscles?

Yes, it will. Sustainable weight-loss (or gain) is achieved by chasing good health. It comes down to a healthy diet (and not restrictive diet), healthy lifestyle and commitment (not necessarily willpower). Vipin believes in the power of knowledge to build lasting healthy habits (rather than just handing you out a written meal plan) which will go a long way in achieving not just healthy weight but also optimal metabolic health.