About Vipin

Vipin is a personal trainer and lifestyle coach based in London, and founder of The Jungle Fitness (previously MNHFIT, which was started in India). Previously, a computer science engineer with a lucrative career as a software engineer, he has chosen a path of helping people reclaim their health by integrating modern life and jungle life, modern science with ancient principles of our past which led us, for millions of years, to become smart, intelligent, strong, functional, and resilient species that we are today. 

The global health picture is grim and alarming as the rates at which modern chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, gut issues, autoimmune conditions, chronic infections, weak bones, hormonal and fertility issues are increasing, has put a massive question mark on our collective ingenuity and will. More people are conscious about their health but far less achieve desired results. Reason - misinformation, engineered and addictive foods which are hard to give-up, stress, our demanding lifestyle which incentivizes for moving less and eating comfort (junk) foods, lack of social support (community), loss of ancestral perspective.

In a way, Jungle is synonymous with nature. It is the near-perfect reflection of our origins. It gives us valuable cues to live the life the way we're meant to. Jungle represents wild, organic, unpolluted, abundance, regeneration, life, growth, peace yet it also provides an environment to be strong, adaptable, resilient and astute.

Jungle is also a synonym of Vipin. In Hindi, Vipin (विपिन) means forest/jungle (जंगल). 

This is not to say that we go back to the Jungle life because that would neither be possible, nor practical. It means that we combine modern science and wisdom of our ancestors to lead the best possible life while enjoying perks of modern life.

We help people by putting the basics in place - proper nutrition, exercise, movement, reconnection with nature, building support of a community and the knowledge to distinguish wholefoods from processed foods, nutrient-dense foods from addictive foods. 


Through our group-coaching sessions, 121 coaching, and online coaching plans we provide options for everyone to impact their health positively. You can also book a strategy call with Vipin from the website.