About Vipin

Vipin is a personal trainer based in Bangalore, and founder of The Jungle Fitness (previously MNHFIT). Previously, a computer science engineer, he has chosen a path of helping people get fitter and unleash the most athletic version of themselves. His relentless effort to understand the true science behind achieving optimal health has led him to believe that as humans, our physical and mental performance has degraded drastically over the last 60 years, an era of poor science and overenthusiastic scientists making deeply damaging mistakes related to food and nutrition.

As a keen fitness professional, Vipin promises to give you a life of improved performance, physical independence, an unconventional but evidence based scientific approach to food and nutrition which will heal you and help win a continuous battle against aging and chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, cancer, alzheimer etc. With his approach, you will find yourself stronger, sharper, confident and cheerful in life. 

The Jungle Fitness is created by Vipin with a vision to become a hub of relentlessly filtered, unadulterated, unbiased information, resources, talks to empower those who are looking for a solution to their never ending health problems, or seeking ways to take their performance and gains to the next level. If you have led your life believing that chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, cognitive decline, age related muscle loss (sarcopenia), and in some cases Alzheimer's, dementia are unavoidable and are an inevitable fate, then think again. You have not yet discovered those potent behavioral and lifestyle changes, bio hacks, nutritional methods that could reverse the course of your life and health.