12-Day Kickstart Program

12-Day Kickstart

12DK is how I (Vipin) can show you how to achieve the best possible outcome in just 12 days.
If you're a Busy Professional between 30-40 years of age looking to enhance your strength, mobility, day-to-day function, energy and productivity, here is your chance to get a kickstart into that direction.

This is my no-cost program

My name is Vipin. I am a personal trainer. You can read my story here.


This plan gave me exactly what I needed, a good start. I eagerly wait for daily emails with its valuable lessons and tasks for the day. I thoroughly enjoyed doing the tasks which were just right for me. I never thought I could do exercise on my own. I think that's what special about the plan, it made me do it. By the end of it, I lost 2.5kgs which I could feel in my clothes, I generally started feeling better and more energetic. Most importantly, it gave me the confidence that I could achieve more, a feeling that never occurred before. I couldn't have asked for more in just 12 Days

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